Welcome to Becoming an Empowered Parent – Day 6

with Tosha Schore, MA & Domari Dickinson

Tosha Schore, MA

Tosha Schore, MA

Tosha Schore is on a mission to create a more peaceful world, one sweet boy at a time by supporting you to care for yourself, connect with your boy deeply, set limits lovingly, and play wildly!

She brings a burst of energy and optimism to parenting, and is an expert at simple solutions to what feel like overwhelmingly complicated problems.

Through her online communities, Tosha helps break the isolation of modern parenting and lifts your confidence so you’re better equipped to face the challenges of raising young boys.

Tosha is a trainer of Hand in Hand Parenting, co-author of “Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Challenges, and the creator of Parenting Boys Peacefully: A 10-Day Reconnect, an online group experience shared by over 12,000 parents worldwide.” Tosha is also a frequent guest expert on podcasts and online and in-person conferences.

To learn more: www.toshaschore.com

Parenting Boys Peacefully: A 10-Day Reconnect

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Domari Dickinson

Domari Dickinson

Domari Dickinson is a mother of four (two boys and two girls) and a parenting coach who helps black men and women identify and break toxic parenting patterns.

After working as an educator and instructional coach for over 15 years, Domari decided to use her teaching skills and her curriculum design skills to create programs that provide black parents with clear, easy-to-implement techniques to become more positive, purposeful and effective parents!

Through her parenting programs, high-energy workshops, online challenges, and 1-on-1 coaching, she has helped countless parents across the world navigate the everyday challenges of life with kids using proven, research-based strategies. She is passionate about building a community of black parents who are committed to challenging popular parenting norms as they groom their children for success in a loving, peaceful, and respectful home environment.

To learn more: domaridickinson.com

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